Broken Car Heater

broken car heater

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Ow am wi, gunna get from Wer'sall back to Dudlaaaay if all tha cowin’ buzzes am froz up?

Ow am wi, gunna get from Wer'sall back to Dudlaaaay if all tha cowin’ buzzes am froz up?

It’s the 13th January 1982, and The UK in the grip of one of the harshest Winters it has experienced for some years. With temperatures regularly dropping down to minus 20 degrees and with ice and snow covering much of Britain, driving conditions remained treacherous throughout the day and night.

In blizzard conditions, WMPTE Northern Counties bodied Daimler Fleetline 4026 (VOH 26J) stands outside the Technical College in St Peters Street, Walsall. It’s more than likely that she’s a spare bus, brought down from Birchills Garage to cover for other vehicles in case of a breakdown at the bus station - St Pauls Bus Station, being situated just across the road from where 4026 is parked.

Away from Britain's snow and ice, a massive search had been launched 4 days earlier, involving rescuers from four different countries, when the Prime Minister’s 29-year-old son, Mark Thatcher, had gone missing while taking part in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Along with two team-mates, they’d lost their way and the car they were driving broke down. All were found safe and well 2 days later on 15th January.

Meanwhile in UK, a second season of Brian Truman’s and Mike Harding’s ‘Danger Mouse’ was enjoying a second season on our televisions. On the 13th January 1982, in ‘Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind’, Danger Mouse and Penfold follow Baron Greenback’s trail to the Bermuda Triangle, but are captured by aliens as part of a strange experiment!

Within four months of this picture being taken, in April 1982, Britain would find itself at war with Argentina, following Argentina's invasion of the Falklands Islands in the South Atlantic. Over 900 soldiers on both sides would lose their lives in this action before the conflict ended, following Argentina's surrender in June 1982.

VW Cabriolet Heater Coolant Outlet Flange, New and Old

VW Cabriolet Heater Coolant Outlet Flange, New and Old

Few weeks ago the water outlet flange (made by Meyle) broke. It was only two years old.

I bought a replacement from a local part store, this time a genuine VW part made in Germany. Here's hoping it'd give me years of reliable service.

broken car heater

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